Card2Contact makes your smartphone even smarter.

Start maximizing contacts in your life’s network.

Card2Contact is your cost-effective Android CRM

The Powerful Features

Camera Capture

Take a pic of a new business card and our human transcription team will convert into a contact and send back to your device.

All Your Contacts

Never lose a contact, keep everyone in one place.

Your Profile

Rich contact profiles to share your details and view it for your contacts. Easily integrate your favourite social media accounts and share what makes you unique.

Complete Calendar Integration

Can you always remember when and where you met a contact? Just take a pic of a business card and Card2Contact app automatically integrates with your current calendar event.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Set important reminders to maximize contacts in your life’s network

Cloud Backup

Card2Contact’s secure cloud server ensures your contacts and calendar are always safe. This enables easy data transfer to new Android devices and ensures that contacts are never lost with a smartphone.