About Us

Card2Contact has been developed around two key areas of life that we all experience in today’s World:

  • People are pressed for time more than ever before, and
  • People are becoming increasingly integrated with social media and social networking.

Our award winning app has an impressive line-up of 5 new features that eliminates the gap between social media and social networking, and supports users as a complete contact information and communication management system.

Our Vision

Card2Contact will allow our users to make meaningful connections with their life's network by maximizing personal and professional communication and information management. We offer the best solution for connecting deeper with people you care about. We feel Card2Contact belongs on every smartphone, and when people use it, we know they will agree that it is a better way to engage with their life’s network.

Contact Us

For support, email us at: info@card2contact.com.

For Press or strategic alignment enquiries, please contact us at: madhu@card2contact.com.

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter: @Card2Contact and give us a like in our Facebook page.