Card2Contact Tour

When you meet a new contact or receive a new business card, do you always remember

  • Where and when you met?
  • To enter their contact details into your smartphone?
  • To follow-up with them immediately and convert connections into sales?

Card2Contact is an App that shows you everything about your contacts right inside your smartphone.That’s right, we just made your smartphone even smarter All you need to do to get started is import your current contacts or take a picture of a business card!

Start having more meaningful connections with your life’s network.

Step 1 – Create Your Profile

From the dashboard, select Your Profile

Take a picture of your business card and enter your Personal and Professional profile details. Try something unique to be memorable to your contacts.

Submit your profile!

Step 2

From the dashboard, select Contacts

You can import your contacts by

  • Taking a picture of a business card (probably sitting on your desk!)
  • Syncing the contacts from your phone
  • Add a new contact.

Whenever you create a new contact it will be automatically integrated with your calendar. You will always be able to see when and where you met your new connection.

Rich Contact Profiles

We’ve just made your smartphone even smarter!

You can add unique details about a contact, including personal notes that will always make a difference to them

Step 3 – From the dashboard, select Calendar

You can add or import your Events by

  • Adding a New Event
  • Syncing the events from your phone

You can view a list of recent events

Add notes and view a detailed list of who you met in a day, week or month.

Step 4 – Engaging your contacts on a new level

Our unique “Follow-up” feature ensures that you never miss an opportunity to connect. Easily set reminders to maximize connections, and we will remind you about the important details.

Step 5 – Business Card Conversions

We’re doing conversions faster than ever before! Just take a pic of a business card with your phone and we’ll send a new contact profile directly to your phone within minutes. No more hassle or lost contacts.